PRIMOS DE BORDEAUX - 2012 - 60% CABERNET  FRANC 40% MERLOT - combines these cousins of Bordeaux to produce a delightful blend of aromas and taste. Our Cabernet Fran and Merlot achieve a balance of fruit, tannin, and refreshing acidity without becoming overpowering.  Enjoy the lasting mouth feel and smooth finish these cousins bring for your wine sipping pleasure.

GRAN BLANCAS -2013- our VIOGNIER, RIESLING, CHARDONNAY, CHARDONEL BLEND  - combines the grandest of the WHITES to produce a dry, crisp, refreshingly different wine.  This blend creates a fabulous marriage of flavors and a sweet bouquet with golden colors that compliment each other so well you will not soon forget this delectable treat.

TERCIOPELO - 2010 -(Spanish for VELVET) 55% CABERNET SAVIGION  45% PETIT SIRAH - brings together these two intensely flavorful RED wines to bring a deep rich color that pairs perfectly with a wide variety of dishes.  Meats, stews, braised and grilled meats are excellent foods to match with this full bodied blend. But the prominent attribute of this blend is in the very smooth, velvety finish it brings with every swallow.


TRES BLANCAS FINAS FORTE - 2013 - (Spanish - Three Fine Whites) WHITE PORT -  VIOGNIER, RIESLING, CHARDONEL BLEND - is a SEMI-DRY LIGHT PORT.  These WHITES in harmony with each other produce a splendid blend of flavors with a delicate bouquet, soft tannins, a touch of sweetness and spice with the Rio Claro smooth finish.  Experience this Port as an aperitif with a variety of cheeses and fruits or as a fine sipping wine.

2007 LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE FORTE - RED PORT - Our CABERNET SAUVIGNON, CABERNET FRANC, MERLOT, PINO NOIR BLEND is a SEMI-DRY LIGHT PORT with four single year vintage classic red varietals.  This distinctive wine was aged 7 years with French Oak before being bottled. This aged blend culminates in a luxurious fusion of flavors, intense aromas, soft tannins and a polished finish.  It has nuances of spicy vanilla and caramel.  Explore this luscious wine as an aperitif with cheese, or as an after dinner desert wine.

GRAN ROJAS - 2009 - (GRANDEST OF THE REDS) -  CABERNET SAUVIGNON, CABERNET FRANC, MERLOT,  MELBEC, PETIT VERDOT - These 5 Classic varietals create a true BORDEAUX-STYLE Blend. This aged blend has a full body rounded dark fruit flavor with a smooth finish.  The textures and feelings in your mouth will range from opulence to decadence with a silky taste left on your palate.  This blend is a food pairing natural fit for red meat dishes, pork, veal, lamb, and many types of game and sausage.  It is also perfect with a myriad of different cheeses and chocolates.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON - 2009 -  One of the most impressive qualities of Cabernet Sauvignon is it's ability to age well in fact it will improve significantly in taste after extended aging.  Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of subtlety, but is also one of the more complex and layered wines. It is a full body wine with nice tannins and a balanced acidity that will linger on your tongue.  The black current and cherry fruit flavors are abundant in our savory Rio Claro Cab.  Try pairing it with a good burger, pizza, lamb, or braised short ribs.  Gouda, Cheddar and Vella Jack cheeses as well as Chocolates all pair well with this gem.





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