New Winery construction 2013

Our Story

Winery construction completed 2015

Born out of a desire to make wine, Ignacio Mesa, would have a long wait for his dreams to materialize.  He took his first viticulture course in his early twenties but family and career were his immediate focus. Thirty-seven years later Ignacio was ready to begin his search for the right mix of terrior, water and location to plant his vineyard. Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery located in the fertile Verde Valley is the fulfillment of Ignacio's quest.  

Now a mature vineyard Ignacio has been harvesting grapes and aging wine for over ten years. The new winery facility was completed in 2014. Our current crop has been fermented and is aging along side all Ignacio's other late to bottle vinages at the winery. 

Ignacio & Sue Mesa are ready to welcome you!

Come experience the vineyard with it lush green vines, crystal clear pond and mountain vistas. The ideal pastural interlude for you and your friends to relax and sip our RIO CLARO WINES.