Our vineyard is located in the fertile valley of West Clear Creek at the base of the Mogollon Rim in Northern Arizona. We planted the most noblest grapevine varietals paired with the finest clones suitable for our area. We use quadrilateral training of our vines to allow sunlight and air flow into the canopy and clusters to achieve optimum peaking of the sugar and acids of our grapes.

We can now ship our Wine direct to your  AZ Residence - see our Wine Shop for details

​​Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery

Drop in to our winery --> Clear Creek Winery Tasting Room

                     Open Wed - Sunday   11AM - 5PM

Our grapes are hand harvested crushed de-stemmed and fermented and bottled in our on-site winery facility. We use open top fermenting bins to ferment our red varietals and stainless steel tanks to ferment our whites varietals. 

Our Vineyard


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​​We are an Estate Vineyard & Winery.  We grow our own grapes and ONLY use our own grapes to make wine. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​First Winery to be awarded a SILVER INNOVATOR Sustainable Certification

Organic farming methods are used to grow our vines and ferment our wines.  We use geese and chickens to remove weeds and  insects from our vineyard.  We use the water from the bottom of the pond that is high in nitrogen due to the fish that reside in our pond so we don't have to buy commercial fertilizers. We plant a cover crop in our vineyard that makes nitrogen (clover, vetch and peas) in the autumn so we don't have to buy commercial fertilizer which reduces the carbon foot print.

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or  email: mesa@clearcreekwineryaz.com